About US

Our Company was set up in the late seventies. With the appearance of the first personal computers on the market, we started to work on numerical control machines for the manufacture of printed circuits. We then evolved towards the field of sign-making and silkscreen printing. When the Windows environment was first introduced, we backed it clearly whilst other Companies were sticking to their DOS-based programs. This gave us a strategic advantage, which has been to the benefit of our customers, and has allowed us to introduce continual improvements based on their own experiences in the use of our applications.

We have exhibited, or usually exhibit, our products at the following most important exhibitions.

1998 was the year we opened of our office in the United States. Since then, we have accomplished all our targets, including sales and support of our products exclusively engineered for the American market.

Year after year we have been launching better and more innovative ways (and programs) to resolve our customers needs. More than 100.000 satisfied users around the world are proof of our quality and commitment.