The new suite of programs, CiberCut 6, is one of the most powerful sign making programs currently on the market. With CiberCut 6, sign makers can quickly and efficiently create a wide range of work, from the very simple to the most highly complex.

The combinations of the text editor, the powerful tracer and the node editor have produced a process of sign making that is quick and easy for any user.


Total integration for the design

  • All tools can be chosen from the main screen in CiberCut without having to change programs.
  • The MDI environment enables the user to work on several designs at the same time, as well as view the same design in fill and in line mode.
  • All buttons and windows are configurable.


The Control Center

  • The control center facilitates much of the work within the programs; the majority of functions and effects can be found there.
  • In addition, with the interactive programs, different tools appear and disappear depending on what is being worked on at that moment.


Text Editor

  • The powerful text editor allows texts to be introduced directly into the work screen.
  • Now is possible to control spaces, space between lines, between words, directly on the screen.
  • There are special functions capable of creating texts that are in an arc form, and/or vertical on any surface.


Design Administrator

  • With the design administrator, it is very easy to incorporate drawings that have been previously made into our work and combine all of the designs in complete graphic form.


View Navigator

  • The navigator enables shapes to be quickly enlarged or reduced into any area in the design.
  • In this window, we are always able to see the entire design and the area in which we are working.


Node Editor

  • CiberCut MAX has powerful tools designed to edit nodes that can enhance traced images.
  • Convert to Bezier curve, to line, move, add, delete, smooth control, break, join, convert to circle or rectangle, copy partial object, convert to square or rounded corner, automatic reduction, vertical or horizontal adjustment, etc…


Interactive tracer and automatic tracer

  • In the Control Center we have add a new vectorizer that allows to work in small areas of the color bitmaps.
  • The program shows a picker that read a color sample and vectorize only this area allowing the user to select a color tolerance.
  • If the result is not so good it is possible to change the parameters and automatically change the results.
  • This new way of vectorize is very helpful working with color scanned bitmaps because the user select the areas and colors as they want.
  • The automatic tracer is very useful for complex figures and designs in black and white, which can be generated automatically by the tracing of the image.


Special efects

  • In CiberCut we have available powerful tools that facilitate our creativity to create quality designs.


Weld, trim…

  • One of the most powerful tools of CiberCut is that which merges objects, clippings and intersections as a way to create an assembly of colors.


Auto serialization

  • The interesting feature assists you with automatically numbering jobs that require ascending or descending numeric or text values.


Work administrator

  • CiberCut has a work administrator separated from the design program that frees immediately the program.
  • The job is sent in seconds to the work administrator and continues working normally.
  • The administrator is who sends the job to the plotter.


Cost analysis and invoice printing

  • One complementary and useful element that is very interesting is the cost analysis function that calculates the costs spent on materials, cost for work completed and time employed.
  • With this data, it is possible to generate an invoice.
  • Also, it is possible to include with additional information with each job such as data about the client and the final work product.

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